Monday, September 15, 2008

The Martha Sewing Basket Collection

I'm still not sure how to get pictures arranged like I want in this blog, so we'll have to muddle through. The picture in this post is the inside of the huswif. The remaining pictures appear in the 1st post, which is below this one. Email me if you have questions. I do have a limited number of quilt fabric kits in the Old Virginia Calicos line to make the three pieces of the set. There are 3 colorways. Email me for a pdf file of the choices.

Greetings from St. Charles, MO and the Fall Needlework Market. I'm posting pictures of the Martha basket liner and huswif, which coordinate with the Martha pocket that was designed earlier in the year. Your local needlework shops should easily be able to obtain the charts from Norden Crafts (they're going home with a box of them tomorrow). Each piece has a separate chartpack. The basket has two options for the liner, one with a patchwork band and one with a stitched alphabet band.